Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Six Tuts On Light And Shade, Part I

Moved here: http://www.floze.org/2008/07/six-tuts-on-light-and-shade-part-i.html


  1. Hi Floze

    Nice work this is really helpful, I hope you get the resources and time to post the other 5 tutes, I can defiantly say I have a better understanding of MR due to this post and the numerous on CGS.
    Keep up the good work and if we cross paths one day I'll buy you a beer :)

  2. hi floze.

    thanks so much for this..
    ill also buy you a beer if we cross paths, im from austria so it might be possible one day.

    thanks again for sharing, ive been searching something like this for ages..

  3. Hi
    Thanks a lot for putting this online, they look incredible in the 6 render collage. Is there any reason why the renderings on your blog all have the "deleted" sign over them, causing the viewers not see any renders?
    Thanks again

  4. so is the scene available for download so we can follow along?


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