Monday, November 10, 2008

Istanbul Day#4

We didnt quite catch on what's happened and why and how.. the guy was bleeding from his head, the bus' front door was crushed, and the bat (corpus delicti carried by the cop in the picture above) must have been involved somehow... well the funny thing about the whole story is that the busdriver tore a nearby parking policecar's door away when he tried to move the bus, right after I've taken these pictures. Yeah. It really snapped over from back to front, and the bus gained some brandnew hole and scratches on its rear right side. Just dont ask. Almost as funny as the busdriver 20min earlier, who hit and destroyed two car's rear-view mirrors in a row, and in a radius of about 100m (... guess he shouldnt have taken that narrower shortcut road, ugh). Being unattentive here means ending up as roadkill soon I suppose.




The Driver

On the ferry



Karaköy Iskelesi






A guy selling ugly and broken little oil lamp kind of stuff.. of course we bought one.

Around Tünel






Walking down the Istiklal Caddesi

Mercimek soup.. mmh



Continuing our conversation about the Bermuda Triangle, the universe and the nature of things, which we had to suspend 15 years ago..
















Somewhere in Beyoğlu

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  1. i love the fotos great stuff :)
    how you get this grainy look is it post?


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